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12 Aug 2010(no subject)
(pixar) familiarity breeds contempt
Holy insert noun here, I have not updated in ages. I actually HAVE something to show except--my computer crashed! My hard drive upchucked. The computer is at the doctor's office where they shall see if they can scavenge my files before replacing the hard drive, which I super hope they can do even if it means they see all my idiotic fan art/fiction idk the kid who took it looked like a nerd too so maybe he won't judge but w/e. I'm borrowing this netbook. Right now I am balancing quarters on my shoulders and seeing what it takes to dislodge them. I am quality etc
10 Jul 2010(no subject)
(animal) what I think of you

What have you been doing, Gutterson?

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aaaaand we're done here. Watch this show, it's great, etc
29 Jun 2010 - 2010 challenge
(rocketeer) blastin off
We're halfway through the year. My goal was to read fifty-two books; unless I can include brochures in that count I don't think I'll make it, but here's my list so far:

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Thanks to those who gave recommendations in an earlier post. If there's a wicked great book you've read lately please do tell.
(futurama) a good republican body
Comedy Central,


If you can't write Futurama the way it once was and still deserves to be, STOP. Now. Stop it. Don't you go fourth-season ReBoot on me.
23 Jun 2010(no subject)
(dino) birds of a feather
A fella at the bookstore came in and asked for George Martin's Dances with Dragons. I made a face like ":|" and told him Martin wasn't even done writing it so then he made a face like ":|" You must wait as we all do, dude.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series is EATING ME ALIVE. I'm in the first quarter of the third book. Blomkvist is a total horndog but I like him anyway. It's still baffling and sad how Stieg Larsson never lived to see what a hit his series became. Apparently there's the beginning and end of a fourth book saved on his girlfriend's computer so once they sort through the melodrama with the family maybe there's the chance of one more release.

Um I have actually been mondo busy so I apologize if I've neglected your posts, I'll try to keep up!
06 Jun 2010(no subject)
(futurama) a good republican body
13 May 2010 - on fanfiction
(justified) dream team
Honestly I am not entirely sure how to react to Diana Gabaldon and George RR Martin, who in particular seems to enjoy stirring up shitstorms on the internet (for God's sake somebody take his computer away) and blaming fans for overreacting, and their harsh stance on fan fiction - although Martin seems to encourage fan art, and has posted it on his website; being an author and not an artist, he can apparently insist that fans write their own characters but are under no obligation to draw them, and feels no conflict of reason. Geez.

I do think that any fan author who harbors a desire to publish themselves should in that effort derive their characters and plots from their own creativity, but writing fanfiction for shits and giggles is not the same. It is a hobby, and for some an outlet. Somebody who writes a fan story is generally aware that professionally this leads nowhere; it can't be bought or sold, and it encourages authors to practice a skill they might not have otherwise ever cultivated. Now a professional writer may of course feel apprehensions toward others messing with their characters and I even guess archives such as Fanfiction.net are obligated to disallow fanfiction of a certain book at the request of the author, even if I personally feel that's a little juvenile, but sending cease and desist orders is just beyond ridiculous.

idk. For me the purpose of fanfiction was to explore a direction the canon hadn't taken, to throw in a given set of circumstances and see what the characters did. I did it to get better at writing and it worked, it helped. It was like training wheels; eventually I was able to make up and write my own shit but having that controlled environment of established characters and plots was helpful and fun, and still is.
04 May 2010 - my favorite marshal
(str wrs) solo style

Justified has been renewed by FX for a second season; birds are singing, children laugh, grass looks greener all in the world is well etc. I love this show. I should do a rec post.
13 Apr 2010 - tumbling
(animal) what I think of you
I have a tumblr account now! This is my third time attempting to create one and my first time figuring out how. Like a bull through a china shop do I blunder through networking platforms.

Tumblr: mediasaur

Mostly it will be the visual companion to this journal: fandom and dinosaurs.

ETA: do "notes" only show up on posts you've reblogged from elsewhere? Is there a reason they wouldn't appear on original posts? I can't find anything that explains this.

ETA2: never mind it's working now.
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